What makes a place appropriate for studying? We ask this question today because earlier we didn’t have to. Traditionally there only used to be such institutions for education that followed the pattern of imparting education in a pre-defined manner. But now in the last 2 decades, we have seen umpteen number of private universities that are providing the same and into some extent, better quality education.

In today’s time, the acumen of teachers, the satisfactory level of the students, the rankings that have been accredited to it by the national or recognized bodies along with the extra-curricular benefits. Not to forget a number of fees that a student would have to put into it.  

But speaking of great universities, there can certainly be a top 5 which are usually competing with each other to get the cream of students from around the world.

Harvard University:

Undoubtedly, it spread its reputation so much so in the world that people who literally just want to contribute their efforts towards the betterment of humanity, through academic brilliance, look up to this place. Time is already witnessed to the scholarly achievements and academicians that this institution has gone on to produce. Over the years the funds in its treasury have grown from $4.6 billion to a massive $25.8 billion.

Stanford University:

Speaking of great universities, we cannot really skip this name now, can we? The name itself speaks volumes at length. Swallow this for a fact that this brand of education has $18.7 billion in the endowment. to discuss the kind and extent of scientific achievements that Stanford has gone on to achieve would be like showing a lamppost to the sun. Still, most recent news coming from the campus indicated that at its 315-acre habitat reserve, the species of the California Tiger Salamander is being revived.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Ranked third in the great universities list, it seems that MIT has taken up the baton tackle the hardest problems bothering the world. Over the years, they have created as much as 80 Nobel laureates alongside 43 McArthur Fellows & 56 National Medal of science (winners). But it is not only academic subjects that take up the classrooms of the campus. The $10 Billion worth endowment gives plenty of room for humanities and art students to operate.

The University of California at Berkley:

Of the top world universities, the University of California at Berkley caters to the career aspirations of 36,000 students. Talking about the degree programs there is a total of 350 of them. Of all the institutions in the USA, this place produces more graduate research fellowships than any place else in the US. At any given point in time, around 100 nationalities could be found studying on the campus.

University of Cambridge:

Established in 1209, this place has gone on to influence the western science to a great extent. It’s even greater than some of the above-listed names in the way that there are over 18,000 people that trust the institution for knowledge from over 135 countries across the globe.