Increased Attentiveness through Diversity

With the onset of the 21st century, technology has transformed the educational landscape. While those advances have created numerous benefits, they’ve also rendered many traditional learning methods obsolete. Much of that comes from the ever shrinking attention spans of youth, who devour an explosion of bite sized media content and entertainment.

A recent study revealed that the average attention span has shrunk from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015, which means teachers have only a few seconds to engage and hold the attention of students. At the same time, the internet has made nearly all information instantly available. This seismic shift in how we access information has created the mistaken belief among some that memorization and content mastery are no longer needed. Worse yet, some researchers have found evidence that the new pattern of information retrieval is changing the way our brains work, making it difficult to remember information.

In response the these changes combined with political pressures, the US government has created educational guidelines such as Common Core, which many states have rushed to adopt. With the constantly changing standards and professional requirements for educators, teachers are under an increasing burden to comply with these growing demands and at the same time navigate the new reality of struggling student engagement. Fortunately, education technology has taken up the challenge.

Amongst the many such platforms who claim to do just that, USATestprep is one which uses a breakthrough integration of variety and fun with proper monitoring combined with relevant and state specific content. In some of the schoolwide trials which used USATestprep’s platform, students have said that they are able to enjoy education now as it has become fun studying.

Educators and parents have pointed to its cloud platform, which offers a variety of lesson plans, vocabulary worksheets, tutorial questions and diagnostic tests as well as videos and interactive technology to provide a better overall experience for teachers and students.

While the platform addresses the reality of students need for engagement, it also does something many teachers have been begging for: It provides an all-in-one turnkey system with plug-and-play content and curriculum without the need to scour the internet for relevant assessments or create new ones from scratch.

Even with the built in curriculum, there is also added flexibility for teachers who can assign a test to the whole class or a group of students who may be weak in a particular part of the curriculum. It is possible to generate an unlimited number of assessments that adhere to the state standards. There is no need for grading and compiling as USATestprep does everything for the teachers. It is also possible to monitor the progress and usage of the site at a district level where administrators can easily check detailed reports of a particular school and monitor the progress of the students by viewing their performance and scores. They can even get an analysis of the weaknesses of a particular student.

The content database of USATestprep is enormous and has more than 150,000 questions which can be used by teachers to create quizzes and questionnaires. A huge video vault with standard specific comprehension modelled videos that can be used by teachers to augment their teaching and keep students engaged. Now teachers can divide their teaching time into parts where at first a theoretical knowledge may be given on a specific matter and then interactive videos and activities such as performance tasks and projector games can be assigned, which harnesses the intermittent bursts of high attention on new activities of the students.

Students can put into action what has been taught by the teacher by practicing on interactive audio video modules that give them a practical session of the theoretical knowledge they just got. This, in turn, helps them gain a permanent understanding of the content. USATestprep presents education in a way that is engaging for students through mediums preferred by the new generation of students such as laptops and smartphones and prepares a student for not only standardized tests, but also the classroom and life.

It is this difference from the regular course work of the students that has made USATestprep so popular amongst the educators and students and the results speak for themselves. Just ask Professor Clark from Georgia High School who reported a 94% pass rate in student appearing for EOCT Biology or Whitney Glisson from Manchester High School who reported a 25% improvement in graduation test science scores.

USATestprep has become the go-to platform for educators and parents to ensure an educational structure which contributes towards an all-round development of a child. A structure suitable for the current generation as it diversifies the ways to teach.