JSC Result 2016 Bangladesh


JSC symbolizes the Junior School Certification. This is a community evaluation held in Bangladesh by all the training and learning forums. In reality, the JSC is the standard knowledge certification. Precisely, students moving the JSC examination are considered to be certified as eighth category successfully pass students in Bangladesh. This is then followed by SSC JSC Result 2016 Bangladesh.

The category eight scholar’s examinations, Junior School Certification will start as per previous routine on Nov 2016 as already made by the Education Boards. In complete, there are nine forums accountable for performing this JSC Exam.

The results of this knowledge board will be found in the government websites namely This website can be utilized for essential details about the JSC Result 2016 here … and details about academic notices. Students in huge numbers have taken the examinations and are desperately anticipating this site to meet their requirements and offer them the most popular details about the JSC examination.

The Junior School Certification, JSC, is a community evaluation in Bangladesh performed by all knowledge forums. In Bangladesh, the Reverend of Education declared the JSC evaluation and lot of students from the Madrasah Panel, General Education Panel and Panel of Technological Education who are under eight standard took part in this examination. However, even students who unsuccessful to complete the program can seek the JSC evaluation to move for this season.

Students who have took part in this JSC evaluation need not wait for another sixty times for the JSC Result 2016 BD to appear. This is because there will be the Scrutiny result of the same examination launched by the Education Panel of Bangladesh within 30 times of the ending period.

Acquiring the JSC Result 2016 is now possible ideally, as students will receive text regarding the examination result. In reality, students can look for the published results or examine the for appropriate details based on the consequence or go to the college reasons to examine results.

JSC Result 2016 Bangladesh

JSC (Junior School Certificate) and JDC evaluation 2016 results may be made by the end of Dec 2016 is predicted. JSC and the JDC (Junior Dahl Certificate) examination 2016 will be performed from 2 Nov to 18 Nov 2016.

JSC (Junior School Certificate) and JDC evaluation 2016 results may be made by the end of Dec 2016 is predicted. JSC and the JDC (Junior Dahl Certificate) examination 2016 will be performed from 2 Nov to 18 Nov 2016.

Now the most important concern of the JSC and JDC students is the consequence. Mr. Knurl Islam Mahdi, the Education Reverend has informed that the results will launch on Dec 2016, end week. This result period can be applied for both, JSC and JDC results. It will launch throughout Bangladesh community knowledge forums in the same schedules.

JSC is a community evaluation and is a standard knowledge certification. It is performed in Bangladesh by the training and learning board. This examination gives the student verification of moving their eighth category and this is followed by the SSC (Secondary School Certificate) in Bangladesh.

This season 19, 08,365 students are taking part in this evaluation across Bangladesh at 2,250 facilities. Junior School Certification (JSC) and (JDC) Junior Dahl Certification students from 27,642 schools are taking part in the evaluation. The complete has 1,011,503 women and 896,862 people. The Education Ministry verified that this season 47, 252 more students are taking this test compared to last season. Last season there was a maximum of 1,861,113 applicants.

The ministry told, a maximum of 1,553,575 applicants would be showing the JSC examinations and 826,082 are women and 727,493 are people. The examinations will be performed at seven facilities overseas. The Jeddah center has 106 applicants, Doha 72, Tripoli 8, Abu Dhabi 39, Riyadh 109, and two facilities in Dubai have 18 and 36 applicants. Ten applicants from Muscat, the Oman’s capital will also give the examinations and this is for the first time.