K-12 Accelerated Institute

K-12 Accelerated Institute


“We are shifting the speed of education with flexible, individualized learning, and support.”

About Our School

We are a community of psychologists, educators, and scientists.

We are teachers and administrators employed in colleges and universities, as well as specialists in K-12 education, liberal arts, and science.

We are building a solid foundation of the Principles of Cognitive Psychology— and its application is a part of our special education early childhood, elementary, and secondary education

We are a tribe of moms and dads, students and alumni from all walks of life.

But most importantly…

We are uniting one another with one common goal: to shift the speed of education with high-quality, personalized education arming the next generation of brilliant thinkers with the necessary skills to thrive in an ever changing marketplace.

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The Current Education Landscape

A major shift is taking place in all sectors of the economy. The corporate safety net that made us feel “safe” with a big corporate job is anything but “safe” in 2017. The entire earth and everything we know has split apart and here’s why:

  • Outsourcing: Everything that can be outsourced will be outsourced.
  • Technology: Anything that can be AUTOMATED and replaced with technology will be replaced with technology
  • Abundance: the information economy has provided greater access to specialized, skilled knowledge workers – thus lessening its value and increasing competitiveness.

Sadly, many ambitious students fall into the abyss of what is taking place. Students need a better academic route. One that will prepare them for what the future holds.

Your Solution to Not Only Survive, But THRIVE In A Rapidly Shifting Economy

Our Mission = Is Your Solution 

To arm our students with the resources necessary to differentiate their value in this ever changing marketplace. We are firm believers that the next century brings something even more remarkable which is why we’ve build this platform where students master the skills (and mindset) required to withstand this rapid shift.

Our K-12 Accelerated Institute is providing the resources needed to thrive to survive in today’s economy by helping students:

  • Learn to understand historical economic events,
  • Identify upcoming trends and
  • Successfully position themselves, their careers, their families, and business ventures


What Is K-12 Accelerated Institute?

K-12 Accelerated Institute is a fully accredited, private online school for grades K–12 helping students learn in ways that are best suited for them.  




Axilogy provides a variety of flexible 1-on-1 learning methods. Our fully accredited online K-12 courses are designed to supplement your child’s current curriculum.

It doesn’t matter if your child is homeschooled, or attends a public, private, charter school, we guarantee that our K-12 Accelerated Ed has the resources to help your child identify difficult subjects, eliminate areas of weakness, get ahead, or even explore any areas of interest.

Axilogy’s Accelerated Ed programs offer flexible programs that allow students to meet their individual goals. All K-12 Accelerated Programs:

  • Leverage industry-leading, online curriculum with support from tutors, coaches, and consultants.
  • Backed by fundamental principles in cognitive psychological for use in K-12 teaching programs.
  • Online-learning opportunities offer maximum flexibility with full- and part-time options, multiple start dates available throughout the school year.

Online K-12 Gifted Program

Adriana’s parents noticed very early that their daughter was bored in school. They switched her from public school to private, but she still wasn’t challenged enough.

“Adriana was advanced and needed more,” says her mother, Sandra. They tried traditional homeschooling. Better, but hard to pull an entire school program together.

Across every grade, online schooling can be an ideal choice for an advanced learner (sometimes referred to as “gifted and talented”).

Question: How do you find the kids with the highest potential for excellence in what we now call STEM, and how do you boost the chance that they’ll reach that potential? 

Our Gifted Program has a long, successful history of nurturing and challenging advanced students. The principles of cognitive psychology is ingrained throughout our teacher preparation programs guaranteeing a solid foundation of psychological knowledge in K-12 instruction of gifted students

Axilogy Gifted Ed is a: 

  • Year-long coaching program for gifted students where students learn graduate level content or speed up their academic route.
  • Students utilize a combination of strategies in problem-based, discovery learning and independent study to achieve various learning outcomes simultaneously— collaboration, problem-solving, and flexible thinking.
  • Teachers foster higher motivation, aspirations, and achievement by understanding when a student needs good critical feedback, modeling, practice, introspection, or freedom to elaborate on a point of interest.

And, by encouraging parent involvement and offering an array of enriching options, you can be fully involved to ensure your talented child is given every opportunity to grow, excel, and reach his or her highest potential.